Dragon’s Eye, a Beijing’s life photo book.

Posted on May 16, 2018 in Beijing Scenes

My good friend and colleague Jim Fiddler assembled a bunch of talented photographers to put together a collection of photos of Beijing. The city offers pictures that are timeless, they can seem like they are from the 70’s and others could look like from the future. Beijing is changing at a fascinating pace and the book captures very well all those people that are going through it.

I was lucky enough to have a photo I took on the Temple of Heaven for the cover. Inside the book there are photos that reflect and are good memories of my time in China. Like the pictures from the Portrait of  Beijinger series that I produced with Tom Fearon. Also photographers that I have worked with like Aimme Zevinakis and Mike Dawson.

All the money make from the book goes to Operation Smile, which is a  a non-governmental organization that prove cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide and raise awareness of cleft issues.

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