Portrait of a Beijinger – Luo Wenyou

Posted on October 14, 2015 in Filming in China

In the third Portrait of a Beijinger we meet Luo Wenyou, owner of the biggest classic car museum in China. The museum has a varied number of Hongqi (Red Flag) models from different eras, lots of military trucks and jeeps, and modern and vintage cars. All have been lovingly restored to pristine condition.

We were lucky to visit the museum in Huairou District, about 70 kilometers northeast of downtown Beijing, on a clear sunny day. The giant hanger-like museum doesn’t get much natural light, making the atmosphere inside quite dim. However, the setting of hundreds of classic cars made it an attractive, fascinating shoot.

Mr. Luo shared his story about how he ended up owing this large collection and what ignited his passion for classic cars.

Entrance to the Museum

Lou Wenyou with his classic carDSC05080  DSC05086 DSC05090 DSC05118 DSC05119 DSC05123 DSC05124 DSC05131 DSC05132 DSC05144 DSC05163 DSC05164

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